100% made with Agave Espadin, cultivated in the white highlands of Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca; and cooked with firewood in conical underground stone ovens, with a process that holds the essence and knowledge of Maestro Mezcalero Erasto Martinez. This is our Mezcal, the beverage you have at hand – here – on the table. Pouring it is enough to lift your spirit, and one sip to overcome fear. Enough to give you company, you don’t need “a worm”, orange, or salt, El de Bateo is sipped straight, and that’s it.

Just as Bourbon is for cowboys, ¨El Mezcal de Batalla¨ is for the Oaxaqueños; kept at home for the day-to-day, for the moments of sadness or joy, its homogeneity makes our Mezcal the best drink to let your creativity flow.

There’s no sober battle, nor Independence without Mezcal, that’s why our essence creates a conversation without past, without preordained rituals, we want to give you freedom, and a beverage elementarily ready to be experienced with its scent, taste, and texture; blending, reinterpreting and transforming. We’re here to create new ways to enjoy and make stories to tell.

As our grandfathers say: “Fill yourself a cup and slam it down without hesitation”.